Monday, September 6, 2010

my Vaction

taking a vaccation is suppose to be a rest break right?  Not mine ,  we went to  orlando and daytona beach, this weekend and I took my mother with me because ,she has Alzheimer and will not stay with anyone , but me and my daughters . she did ok at first but  by day two , she was not happy and every body had to pay for , she refused to  get in the car  out on international dr ,in orlando  by the wonderworks place, we had cars backed up in the turning lane , for about ten minutes, trying to get her to get in the car, she was tired the reason we  was leaving, then she didn't want to go , but finally we got her to get in , and then shedid't want to get out. just no pleasing her, but overall it was a nice break from the routine and yes I would go back and take her with me ,that's my mama you only get one .

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